Organic Adoption And Certification

Organic farming is a system which avoids or largely excludes the use of chemical inputs viz. chemicals fertilizers, pesticides, hormones, feed additives etc. The organic farming to the maximum extent rely upon crop rotations, crop residues, animal manures, off - farm organic waste, mineral grade rock additives and biological system of nutrient mobilization and plant protection.

Organic farming has grown out of the conscious efforts by inspired people to create the best possible relationship between the earth and men.

SHEEL BIOTECH is implementing the projects on organic farming and certification in Various parts of the country. The Company has been extending its expertise of organic production management system on wide range of crops.

Currently farmers has no uniform agricultural practices; they will be first trained regarding Organic Systems (e.g., preparation and application of green manures, FYM, Vermicompost, other organic resources etc.) for these agricultural crops so that the community gets a clear assumption of the parameters of the safe food.

Experts who have experience in the fields of organic farming, soil science, crop production, plant protection, IPM, INM, post harvest technology, agricultural marketing etc. will be invited for the conduction of trainings on all aspects of agriculture crop production where organic farming principals, on-farm input management, crop package of practices, insect pest and disease management, organic crop produce harvesting, processing, grading , transportation and storage, organic certification, its need and procedure, requirements of organic certification as per the national and international standards.

Benefits of Organic Farming

  • Holistic and sustainable development of agriculture.
  • Upgrading the socio-economic status of the farming community.
  • Sustaining the productivity and enhancing profitability for improved livelihood.
  • Bring the state in safe agricultural production map and enhancing Agri-exports.