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The Bindi Sirio Farm produces young plants and cuttings for the local market and other countries all over the world. For years Bindi Sirio has put special emphasis on breeding varieties for cut flowers and bedding plants. A talented and experienced team of breeders, equipped with a highly advanced tissue culture laboratory, breeds, tests and introduces new and improved varieties every season.


The company is located in Polland. The award was awarded and awards for their achievements. Petos offer over 100 varieties of gerbera standard, mini and acicular in a wide range of colors.


BLOOMZ is one of New Zealand's leading floricultural companies, focussing on the breeding, production and export of Zantedeschia (Calla Lilies), Sandersonia, Cordyline, Phormium (New Zealand Flax), Leptospermum (Manuka), Cymbidium Orchids and other exotic plant stock. Specialists in tissue culture of a wide range of ornamentals.


DE JONG LELIES Holland BV was established in Andijk and has operated successfully for over 50 years. They supply bulbs worldwide, specializing in hybridizing, production and the trade of Lilies. Quality control, service, flexibility and good management are paramount to De Jong Lelies Holland BV.


RIJNPLANT is specialized in the R&D, breeding, growth and sales of Anthurium, Bougainvillea and Calathea. Besides that it also participates in 3 more companies, invests a lot in innovation and automatization and tries to play a leading role for horticultural companies worldwide.


STOOP FLOWERBULBS has been producing F. STOOP BV gladiolus bulbs for over 50 years now. Although Stoop specializes in the sale of Gladiolus, it also provides beautiful lily, tulip, amaryllis, iris and freesia bulbs. F. Stoop BV has its good reputation in the world Dutch bulbs due to its beautiful and latest types of gladiolus.