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Sheel Biotech is a well recognized name in establishing plant tissue culture laboratory. Our specialization also lies in meeting the designing and production demands of equipments of plant tissue culture laboratory. Our expert engineer's team work in close coordination with customers and execute the projects as per their exact requirement. Running own Tissue Culture Laboratory gives us an expertise over other players to understand even the smaller aspect of the facility.


Global Warming is affecting the life on earth in several ways. Increasing levels of Carbon Dioxide (CO2) have been one of the prime reasons of global warming. The level of CO2 gas in earth's atmosphere which is increasing exponentially due to global industrialization, is likely to double its pre-industrialization levels within next 50 years. SHEEL BIOTECH LTD. became the first commercial company to install a three ring Mid-FACE facility, at Directorate of Weed Science Research (DWSR), Jabalpur. The FACE facility was inaugurated by Hon'ble Dr. K. Kasturirangan, Member(Science), Planning Commission on January 23rd, 2010. FACE stands for Free Air CO2 Enrichment, in which the simulation of elevated level of CO2 is achieved in the open fields by artificially injecting CO2 gas in a controlled manner. Such facilities are being used to study the impact of rising concentration of CO2 on environment, crops, animals and humans all over the world. Previously difficult-to-study natural conditions such as temperature, wind, humidity and radiation are now possible in FACE. In addition, there are no problems relating to the plant size or growth, caused by the constraint of enclosures. Therefore, long-term studies have become.possible with the availability of FACE system. FACE field data will help to understand plant and ecosystem responses to concentrations of atmospheric CO2 in the environment.


Seed processing is a vital part of the seed production needed to move the improved genetic materials of the plant breeder into commercial channels for feeding the rapidly expanding world population. The farmer must get the quality seed that is free from all undesired materials because farmer's entire crop depends on it. Seed processing enables more uniform planting rates by proper sizing, improve seed marketing by improving seed quality, prevention of spread of weed seed and prevention of crops from disease by application of chemical protectant.


The major component which effect the productivity are diseases, pest and virus attack, nematode infestation, poor soil and water qualities as well quality of planting material including virus infested planting material. It is therefore necessary to provide assistance to the grower by way of advice and suitable recommendation, both on preventive and curative aspects of plant health and optimum production. There is tremendous scope for enhancing the productivity of horticultural crops in the state through judicious use of nutrients, particularly when soils are acidic in nature. By increasing the productivity per unit area. We can reduce the pressure on land for horizontal expansion of horticulture crops more so in case of fruit crops. It is, therefore, proposed to assist the growers for applying nutrient for optimum production, to correct the situation created by wrong application and to create the optimum condition by bring in the correct interaction between various nutrients, for proper availability from the soil and uptake by the plants. For determination of nutrient status and their availability, leaf tissue analysis is very essential.